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About Stjärnbro Gård
We bought Stjärnbro in 1991, mainly as a summerhouse for our big family. At that time we had only two horses, installed nearby Stockholm. During summer we had the horses with us at Stjärnbro and successively the thought came up to live permanently at the farm.

We started with the rebuilding of a greenhouse into a stable 1996. When we in the year of 2000 bought Fnöska we could realise the dream of a small stud. At Fnöska we now have three stables. A stallion stable with two boxes and a bigger stable for broodmares, foals and young horses

During 2006 we renovated some of the older buildings at Fnöska and in 2010 we built a new stable with seven boxes.

The riding hall was built in 2005
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