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Foals & young horses
For the time being we have approximately a dozen young horses at Stjärnbr, from foal to three years old at Stjärnbro. All of which have an interesting pedigree for breeding and/or competition. We have our homebred youngsters and also some youngsters that we have bought for breeding or competition purposes.

Our crop of 2007:
-Storyline SB, colt by Summertime - Davignon
-Kaspian SB, colt by Kennedy - Royal Diamond
- Fairview SB, colt by Friendship - Donatelli
- Matea SB, filly by Kennedy - Don Primero

Our crop of 2008

- Margaux SB, filly by Insterburg-Rubinstein
- Sarzano SB, colt by Kaiserkult - Karon

Our crop of 2009
- Kitaro SB, colt by Kostolany - Donatelli - Rubinstein
- Kamante SB, colt by Kostolany - Insterburg - Playmate xx

Our crop of 2010

- Cabaletta SB, filly by Zuidenwind - Davignon - Flamingo
- Henriot SB, colt by Highcruiser-Donatelli - Rubinstein
- Nicodemus SB , colt by Nintender - Orlando -Showman
- Kamee SB, filly by Summertime-Shavalou-Exclusiv

Our crop of 2011
- Zenato SB, colt by Zauberdeyk- Don Primero-Rubinstein

Our crop of 2012

- Bodoni SB colt by Bellagio-Davignon
- Mirabelle SB filly by Kostolany-Donatelli
- Kirwann SB colt by Zauberdeyk-Shavalou
- Remark SB colt by Zauberdeyk-Summertime
- Arenal SB colt by Zauberdeyk-Freudenfest

Some of our foals and youngsters are for sale. Please contact
Monica Lindstedt for more information.
Pr.St. Verb.Pr.St.  Ardeline
Pr.St Verb.Pr.St. Ardeline -2008
Freudenfest - Showmaster - E.H. Marduc

Ardeline was the championesse of the foalshow at Gestüt Hämelschenburg 2008. She arrived at the farm in May 2009. In 2011, as a three year old, she got her Premium Mare title (Pr St.) in Tasdorf...

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Sarzano SB
Sarzano SB -2008
Kaiserkult TSF - Karon - Magnet

Sarzano SB born 28.4. 2008 is a full Trakehner by Dorothée Schneiders Grand Prix stallion Kaiserkult out of our Elite mare Kaprice ( by Karon). We are so far very satisfied with this pure Trakehn...

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Kitaro SB
Kitaro SB -2009
Kostolany - Donatelli - Rubinstein I

Kitaro SB is the fifth premium offspring in a row out of our Donatelli mare Moja Mali G. Kitaro is longlegged, elegant with very elastic gaits. Though in a growing phase he scored 888877 at the r...

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Cabaletta SB
Cabaletta SB -2010
Zuidenwind - Davignon - Flamingo

Cabaletta SB is a big and elegant filly with elastic gaits.

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Henriot SB
Henriot SB -2010
Highcruiser - Donatelli - Rubinstein I

Elegant premiumfoal with elastic gaits

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Kamee SB
Kamee SB -2010
Summertime - Shavalou - Exclusiv

A very elegant Trakehner filly with an exceptional trot. Walk and canter also above average.

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Nicodemus SB
Nicodemus SB -2010
Nintender - Orlando - Showman

From the very beginning a brave and curious colt. Good gaits and jumping ability.

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Zenato SB
Zenato SB -2011
Zauberdeyk - Don Primero - Rubinstein I

An interesting colt with a lovely character with nice conformation and very good gaits . A stallion prospect!

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