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Horses for sale
For information regarding horses for sale or horse agency please feel free to contact Monica Lindstedt by phone +46 704-25 15 50 or by e-mail. Through the years we have built up good relations with some of Germany´s leading breeders and stud farms. If you're interested in a foal or a young horse we are glad to help you.
Peridot SB
Peridot SB -2003
Panasso - Davignon - Flamingo

Peridot, "Pelle" was born very late, on the 31st of July 03. Despite that he won the regional foalchampionship and was in the semifinals for the whole country. He won the test for three year olds i...

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Melina SB
Melina SB -2005
Summertime - Rubinstein - Inschallah x

Melina SB, is born in May 2006. Read more about her sire Summertime at Melina is a horse with a lot of Thoroughbred/Trakehner/Angloarabian blood. It will be very int...

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Sarzano SB
Sarzano SB -2008
Kaiserkult TSF - Karon - Magnet

Sarzano SB born 28.4. 2008 is a full Trakehner by Dorothée Schneiders Grand Prix stallion Kaiserkult out of our Elite mare Kaprice ( by Karon). We are so far very satisfied with this pure Trakehn...

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